Milk machine

Etra MILK MACHINE is the first milk machine that was made in Slovenia. It’s a product, in which is invested in-country knowledge, experiences and engineering. Milk machine is a device, which combines automatized pouring system, cooling system and programmed controlling system for selling fresh milk. At production of the milk machine has been used high quality materials, machines and components.

The big advantage of ETRA milk machine is his own programme equipment and his own controlling managing electronics with ETRA processed controller ETKM, which all together take care for perfectly operation of the whole system. At the same time own systems provide us further progress, adjustments and working of milk machines considering current and future needs of users.

The physical instruction itself is made robustly, whereof is resistant to possible violental attempt of burglary or damages. All vital parts of milk machine are constructional set in the way that they are not reachable to ordinary users (locker with electronics, bowl for milk, bowl for saving coins of the pay part…). All exposed parts and components ,such as keys, LCD monitors, wicket of pouring chamber and the rest are in standard dimensions and production, which allows us quick switch and repairment in case of damage or defect.


  • manufacture of the milk machine,
  • production of graphical image,
  • adjustment according to wishes and needs of a client,
  • production of machine for buying bootles,
  • corse of managing and switching milk,
  • settup,
  • launch ,
  • maintainance,
  • service,

ETRA mlekomat