Safety and health at work

Safety and health at work is a concern of every one of us. With improved condition we achieve better feeling of employees, better utilitization of funds for work, larger productivity and larger profit.
Statement of safety with risk assessment
Every employer must be able to make and accept the statement of safety within written form, with what he chooses manner and measures for ensuring safety and health at work and supplement it with every new danger and change of level at risk.

Prosecution tasks of proffesional worker for safety at work at clients
In clients companys and institutions we do legally signed tasks of a professional worker, that all employes must determine (Regardless of number of employes and activity). Elementary tasks for safety at work are: making professional bases for statement on safety, peformance on investigations of working environment and examinations and tests of working equipment, monitoring of condition concering accidents at part, making of instructions for safe work, training of workers for safe work. We expand listed orders still with complete organization, consultancy and supervision at a client, cooperation at the inspection examinations and the performer of occupational medicine, monitoring of legal demands, introduction of technological novelties.

Qualifying of employees for safety at work
Employeer has to qualify his workers for doing his work safely at settlement of employment, at arrangement on the other work, against introduction of new technology, working equipment and against change within working procedure, that can cause change of safety at work and periodically. Qualifying must be adapted to specialities of position and it is being carried out, round programme, that an employer must renew when necessary and to be changing his content considering new shapes and forms of danger.

Examinations and tests of working equipment

An employeer must assure, that a competent person checks working equipment after a placing and before the first check-up or after transfer on other position. It gives out the certificate from which is evidently that the working equipment is set properly and it allows workers to do safe work.
Control over working equipment must be assured with regular check-up’s and tests, which must be assured in certain periods of time which are specified by the manufacturer. If manufacturer doesn’t choose time periods for periodical examinations, they must be assured in time periods that shouldn’t be longer since 36 months.

Investigations of working environment harmfulness
The suitability of working conditions has to be checked with realisation of working environment viciousness investigation. Girth of measurements (designation of parameters) is depent from individual working environment and circumstanses, that are characteristics of it. Got results of measurements are principle for the relisation of measures, of necessary for protection of health of workers on positions.


  • Performance of tasks or professional worker of safety at work in accordance with demands of law on safety and health and part,
  • contractual execution of all kinds of services from field of safety and health at part,
  • making of instructions of safe work,
  • professional help. consultancy, organization, harmonisation and guidance of authorized and second business heads of workers of execution of measures of safety and health at part,
  • consultancy and help at choice of personal protective equipment, at ergonomics of position and at choice of working equipment>,
  • examinations and test of working equipment,
  • execution of determined measurements and investigations of parameters of woprking environment (Lighting, termic comfort) ,
  • organization and execution of employees training for safe work,
  • managament and test of knowledge for managers of forklifts, managers of construction, machinery…),
  • organization and direction of determined records,
  • organization of determined measurements and investigations of parameters of working environment (Noise, vibrations, dust, chemical viciousnesnesses) ,
  • making of professional bases for statement on safety with risk assesment .