Remote controlling of lifts


Radio watery systems have larger mobility of an operator, because he isn’t limited with lenght and location of communication cable, he has the larger examination as well above activity and with this more accurate administration of a device.

Safeties and attention are ensuring an operator more, because barries at longer moves of lifts aren’t restricted him with choice of location of a stance and circumvention (bridge lifts, long cranes…) and much adjustibility specific demands of activity of lifts.


  • we are carrying out suprestructures on all devices and machines, as building cranes, bridge cranes and freight elevators, the industrial lifts, concrete mixers pumps and transport conveyor belts for concrete, car lifters…,
  • we are installing radio watery systems into novae and old and already existent devices,
  • we take care of a regular service,
  • maintainance,

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