The usage of robots is an excellent solution within processes where demands and needs are surpassing human capaticies by strength, accuracy, speed and uninterrupted execution of a certain process.
Robots and automated systems are indispensable are inconsistuent elements in modern industrial production, packable and storage backgrounds, where it is:

  • necesarry uncompromissing acurracy,
  • process incessantly repeated in carefully certain steps,
  • needed speed and strenght of execution of part that is surpassing human capaties ,
  • work and enviroment executions to person dangeorusly and harmfully,
  • where the working process takes 24 hours without stopping and interruptions.

Excellent knowledge of the field, wide and comprehensive modern knowledge, use of quality execution of services and making robots for variable purposes.


  • developmental studies and consultancy,
  • making of tecnical documentation,
  • purchase and integration,
  • programming and adjustment of processes,
  • mantainance,
  • robots,
  • manipulators,
  • purposive machines,
  • processive machines,
  • welding machines,
  • clamping systems,
  • assembly systems,
  • service,
In our projects we are cooperating with the majority of conffesed producers of robots -ABB, KUKA, FANUC..


ETRA roboti