Supervisory systems

Systems for directioning and controlling (SCADA systems) with the help of graphic displayers and visual elements are enabling clear and surveyable control over activity of production and remaining working processes.

Our solutions are successfully implementated in different areas of economics, pharmacy and chemistry through nutritional industry to energetics and enviromental infrastructure.

ETRA supervisory systems are made with software module WinCC of company SIEMENS, that we cooperate with as certificied Siemens Solution partner.


  • graphic interfaces ,
  • computer systems ,
  • modular remote stations ,
  • programmable logical controllers ,
  • communication infrastructure ,
  • maintenance ,
  • service ,


Systems SCADA are consisting of:

  • HMI- graphic interface for presenting conditions, data, activities and administratation with in advance certain processes.
  • Computer system that gathers and sends data from supervised working processes .
  • TO CAPE- modules, that take care of conversion and data transfers from different sensors, meters, switches.
  • PLC- programabill process units for managing with electric drives and data storage of processes…
  • Communication infrastructure (MPI, Profibus, Ethernet).
Systems SCADA are allowing:

  • Immediate insight in paramethers and conditions of processes (temparatures, pressures, fluxes, dozing..).
  • Display of working and unworking elements (electromotor drives, pumps..) and condition of valves, shaftes, intakes, pipes..(open, closed, partial open…).
  • Warning and alarming on irregulatiries or dangers.
  • Data acqusition for displays, analises and controlling of diaries.

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